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These are The Cousins.  Their dads are twins and the best of friends.  Born in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, The Cousins are super close.  But live 500 miles apart.

skype stay together

Despite the mileage, it is important to our families that they grow up knowing each other.  Really knowing each other.  More than visiting a few days around the holidays and on summer break.  We want to watch the kids open their birthday gifts, hear all about the dance recitals and softball hits while seeing their excited little faces spill the details.

How are these little cuties 6 and under able to keep up with each other's lives and grow to be the best of friends?  Video calling.  Skype has an inexpensive plan to let families stay together no matter how many states or countries are between them.

My girls know that on Saturday mornings after breakfast, we can call their aunt, uncle and cousins and the kids can talk together in their pj's about what cartoons they've just been watching and what the weekend holds ahead.  With video calling, the girls can sing Happy Birthday to their favorite just turned three year old guy and include all of the cha-cha-cha's they want.

Thanks to Skype and video calling, our families can stay together and The Cousins can stay close.

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