Summer is here! If you have young kids like me a lot of your summer days are filled with parties and play dates. I really enjoy hosting events, but as you know, it could be costly doing them if you have them often. I wanted to share some fun, cute and cheap summer party ideas! Your first stop should be the Dollar Store near you...

Chic & Cheap Summer Party Ideas via The Little Style File

Almost all of my summer play date decorations are from the Dollar Store. For $20 you can have an adorable, fun summer themed event! In the summer section you will find buckets for your snacks or chips, plates, cups, napkins, sunglasses, beach balls, mini umbrellas, and plastic sand toys!

Cute & Cheap Summer Party Ideas

Easy & Cheap Summer Party Ideas

All of these things you can use to decorate in a summer, kid friendly theme! I purchased some wicker picnic baskets for $2 at my local Goodwill Store. I use my baskets to make create different levels to serve my food and to serve my plates, napkins and cups. A few quick cheap treats for your next play date are: Rice Crispy Treat Ice Cream Cones.

These are easy to make and kids just love them! Follow the Rice Crispy box recipe, pick up a package of mini or regular cones and shape them into a ball and place them on the top of the cone. For extra decoration you can dip in chocolate and add sprinkles. Another idea is making your own cupcakes or buying store bought if you don’t have time and adding a cute mini summer umbrella which you can get at Dollar Store as well.

One last idea, if you don’t want to make home made cake pops you can buy sprinkles mini munchkin donuts from Walmart place a cake pop stick in the top of them and you get a yummy colorful treat for the kids.

Another idea I found on Pinterest is hotdogs in a crockpot. Instead of having to mess with a hot grill on a plate date I throw a bunch of hotdogs in a crock pot cook on low for 4 hours and they are ready to go.

I set up a little station of kid friendly buckets filled with fruit, string cheese, fruit snacks, granola bars, Go-Gurt’s, and applesauce. I use glass jars for my hotdog buns.  All of this is very cheap to do. 

cute & easy summer play date food

Hope you enjoy your next summer play date!

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