From a young age when I thought of myself as adult,  I always imagined that I would be a full time working mom. I never invisioned myself as being a stay at home mom. It was probably due to the fact that my mom worked the majority of my childhood as a teacher. When I had Mia over 7 years ago, the plan was for me to continue to work and have a career. It was a big adjustment to go back to work as a mom. After a few months I was able to get into the groove of things. For a long time I felt that working fulltime made me a better mother. My time with the kids was quality time.

After Dylan was born, working fulltime got a lot harder. We wouldn't get home until 6 pm and our evening consisted of throwing dinner together, bath time and bedtime. My husband and I talked about me staying home for over a year. It was the hardest decision I have made but one I do not regret. It will be 2 years of being a stay at home mom in August.  I will be brutally honest with you, I was not born to be a SAHM but I have made it work for our family.

I am blessed and lucky that Kristin and I founded TLSF during the time that I quit my job. Being able to have a creative outlet and a business woman at the same time has kept me from feeling crazy. I encourage all SAHM's to have some kind of outlet that makes them happy. Join a gym, get involved at your child's school, start a new hobby, do something that makes you happy and excited outside of being mommy! I can't imagine being a celebrity and sharing my life on a reality show. At the same time I love watching shows like Tia & Tamara because they show us that they are REAL people just like the rest of us! Season 3 will premerie Sunday, July 14 at 8/7 C on Style. Haven't watched the first 2 seasons yet? You can catch up with some funny videos of Tia, Tamara and the sisters together.