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Recently, I shared how my kids and their cousins stay connected through video messaging.  It made their visit over the 4th of July so much fun.  The kids greet each other with bear hugs and then go right into their inside jokes.  They don't skip a beat.

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I just can't tell you how happy it makes my heart to see these cuties all together.  Our biggest challenge of the long weekend was walking through our Michigan beach town.  Everyone wanted to hold hands with everyone else.  It was adorable!  At one point my sister-in-law and I were herding a little circle down the sidewalk.  We truly believe it is keeping the kids connected while we are apart that keeps their bond tight so they can have this much fun when they are together.

Besides keeping the cousins connected, Skype also helps us stay connected to my husband's parents that live 500 miles away.  From showing off home improvement projects to the children reading stories that they composed for Young Authors, it is great to stay connected with the little things across the miles.

It was recently my mother-in-laws birthday.  We had a great idea to turn the above photo of her grandchildren into a framed piece of art.  Knowing she would love it, we really wanted to see her reaction when she opened the package.  With the magic of video messaging, it was possible!  Seeing her tear open the paper and see the personalized photo was the best feeling.  She told us how that was exactly what she wanted and we were even part of the conversation about where the new picture would be displayed.

When I was small, my grandparents moved to Arizona.  We talked on the phone all of the time and, despite the miles, were super close.  But there were so many times I wanted to show them something - a project, an award or just see their faces while we were talking.  We are so fortunate to have video messaging and similar services so our families can stay connected.

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