This week my daughter and I hosted a play date with her best friends that live down the street. We made button necklaces and bracelets which turned out to be the perfect craft for a rainy summer day.

The girls enjoyed sorting out their own buttons and colors and were able to string bracelets and necklaces all on their own! They were so excited each time they strung a button.

When doing this craft, bigger buttons work better for smaller hands and fingers. This activity is not only fun, but it helps fine motor skills and lets your child explore shapes, colors, and their creativity!

Supplies Needed:


Bakers Twine, Thin Ribbon, or Stretch Magic

Tape (you will need to tape the threading end if you are using twine or ribbon)

*PHOTO 3 or 4 Supply Photo


Measure twine/ribbon around your child's wrist and neck

Make several knots on one end of the twine/ribbon so your buttons don't slip off

Tape the other end to help threading

Start stringing buttons

Once you have the desired amount of buttons bring both ends of the string together and tie in a knot.

What I love best about making bracelets and necklaces this way is that the objects that you can use are endless. I have seen necklaces made this way using gumballs, cheerios, fruit loops, peachy o' candies, and even gummy life savers. Easy, simple, and lots of fun!

What is your favorite DIY to do with kids?