How do you feel about spirited pandas? Cloud adventures? Interactive stories specifically geared towards the Little Kid set? If you answered with an emphatic “aw,” then have I got the app for you!

Pan: The Fearless Beribolt is the tale of Pandora, a supposedly orphaned panda living in the clouds, and her quest to find her family. Created by the NYC-based company Hullabalu, this book is the first in the Pan adventure series. And it’s absolutely adorable.

My preschooler loved swiping the action along; feeding Pan and her friends, discovering hidden toys, and listening to the dialogue between her favorite characters. The words are highlighted throughout Pan’s journey, making it easy for even the smallest “reader” to follow along. The plot is simple, but with enough charm and humor (and hidden mini games!) to make it fun for all age ranges- yes, even parents. A scrolling bar along the bottom of the screen allows readers to jump along to the part of the story where they left off (or where they want to revisit and practice their boomerang training, for example).

At the end of the tale, we had fun playing around with Pan’s Photobooth, letting us insert our faces into panda ears, a rainbow backdrop, and a bushy mustache, among others. And these cute pix can be emailed, Tweeted, or uploaded to Facebook for easy (and beyond cute) sharing.

The next book in this sweet series is already on my daughter’s wish list. She gives Pan: The Fearless Beribolt two enthusiastic thumbs up- or will as soon as I pry them from my iPhone.

Available on iTunes for a special price of .99 cents this week!

Now compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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