Ahhh, summer, one of my favorite times of year.  I’ve put together a list of fun summer crafts, foods and fashions to share with you and your family.  Share with us in the comments section anything you love for summer too!

1)      Beaded Phone Number Bracelet – summer is a time to go to amusement parks, water parks, and other fun family outings where many times there are big crowds.  A great idea to help keep your little one safe is to make a beaded bracelet with your phone number on it – this way you make sure your child has your phone number in case he or she were to get separated from you.

2)      Kindergarten T-Shirt – is your little one going to kindergarten this year?  It’s a bitter sweet moment for us parents.  I found this really cute idea to put the year your child would graduate from high school on an adult size t-shirt.  Then every year take a picture of her or him wearing it.  Eventually they’ll grow right into it!


3)      Summer Fan – I thought this was such a cute craft for little ones to make (and to use during the hotter days of summer!)  It’s made with construction paper and so simple and cute!  To learn in detail how to make it go to MrPrintables.com.

4)      Lemonade Stand – I am a huge fan of fresh lemonade and an even better fan of a summer time lemonade stand.  I always have to stop when I see kids selling lemonade because I used to do the same thing when I was little.  Set up a table with some signs, or some old crates and sell sell sell!  Here are some ideas for cute lemonade stands!

5)      Little Fishies – I love the idea of creating a tableau with my daughter’s food.  She’s a pretty good eater but she enjoys it much more when I get creative.  I think this one is adorable and it makes healthy eating fun!  Visit the website Raisinglemons.com for more ideas!

6)      Fruity Popsicles – if these don’t scream fun summertime snack I don’t know what does!  I love these!  Put in juice (a clear one so you can see the fruit), your favorite fruits and voila, you have a healthy, refreshing treat!

7)      Saltwater Sandals – these seem to be all the rage for a good reason!  They are super cute and reasonably priced.  Wear them with anything – dresses, shorts, skinny jeans – with all the fun colors, they make any outfit look great!

8)      Saltwater Sandals for Kids – Wanna look super adorable?  Buy matching sandals for your little one.  They come in styles for both boys and girls and in all the same colors.  My daughter and I have matching yellow ones!  This adorable picture is courtesy of Lovetaza.com.

9)      Summer Swing Dress – I love the embroidery on the front of this dress and all the details in the fabric (when you zoom in on it you can see them.)  This would look great with a new pair of red or yellow saltwater sandals for a lovely summer evening!

10)   Summer Girl’s Dresses – these dresses are by Pink Chicken, one of my favorite kids clothing brands.  All the fabrics and styles are so stylish, and they make a few cute dresses for mom too!  Always check out their sales – they’ve always got some great deals!

11)   Summer Looks For Boys – gotta cool little guy who needs some cool guy fashion?  Appaman has some of the coolest clothes out there for little boys.  I love their girls’ clothes too!  Make sure to visit their website to see everything they have!