My latest party theme was a Teacups & Tutus birthday party. I absolutely LOVE throwing little girl birthday parties, especially when pink and tulle are involved. My daughter is obsessed with having pretend tea parties and dressing up in her tutu all of the time. shabby chic birthday party

This theme for her 4th birthday was so fitting. I had been collecting tea sets from all over, mostly found them at Good Will and occasionally Savers. Anytime I have a party coming up I will spend weeks dropping by there just to find great inexpensive props. I would highly recommend doing this the next time you have a party. I found the food table for $5 and an old sewing machine table for $9. I painted both pieces and incorporated them into the party.

tea and tutus birthday party

I love shabby chic so I went with the typical floral pattern. Michaels has a dollar section and I found a whole shabby chic section where I found, clothes pins with the pattern and hung the girls tutus. They also had little glasses which I put yogurt parfaits in, tags, and pencils.

shabby chic girls party

Some of my favorite elements of the party were the tutus each girl got when they arrived at the party, the tea area I set up for the girls to play tea, I loved all of my printables that Lauren Haddox Designs made to fit perfectly with the whole theme of the party and lastly the adorable tulle poms I made to decorate throughout the party.

tutu birthday party

I’m excited to share my tutorial with you on how you can make them for your next party. They are super easy and cheap to make. Enjoy the pictures of Teacups & Tutus!

easy diy pom tutorial

Tulle Pom Tutorial:

SUPPLIES: -Tulle ( 6″ wide) -Scissors -Book (any size depends on how big you want your pom to be) -Fishing line to hang pom

easy diy tulle pom tutorial

Directions: 1.Take your spool of tulle (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby, they have a huge variety of colors) Each spool makes 2 large tulle poms. Un wrap a long piece of tulle. 2. Take the book and tulle and wrap the book 25 times. 3.. Slide tulle off of the book and tie the center with an extra piece of tulle 4. Cut each side of the tulle 5. Begin to fluff and pull apart the tulle. I continue to cut to make it an even all the way around) 6. Take fishing line and cut a piece (cut however much you need to hang the pom) 7.Attach the fishing line through the tulle and hang where needed

What projects do you like to do yourself for your parties?