Do you have a baby who loves to gnaw on everything and anything they can get their hands on? I know my little guy ruined my favorite book, a car remote and even made a run for the cat food at one point. You definitely need a sense of humor to go along with all of the chaos that infants and toddlers alike bring to your otherwise balanced world. Typebaby is a new line of baby and toddler apparel that lets babies and kids share their personality, no matter how lovely or trying that type may be. From Happy to Cranky, City Kid to Little Sunshine, typebaby provides an outlet to express the good, bad and hilarious side of your child's unique characteristics.

Founder and graphic designer Lidia Varesco Racoma knows first hand the difficulty that comes with infants and their quirks. Her own son was a non-sleeper, so she had plenty of opportunity in those groggy middle-of-the-night marathon sessions to develop an apparel concept that would provide a little humor to the situation. Her love for typography found in her everyday life (spray paint, chalk drawings) was the perfect complement to her clothing ideas. This quote from Lidia sums up the typebaby ideology:

I know being a parent isn't easy, but typebaby designs will bring a smile to both parent and child's faces!

Not only do the designs bring a smile to my face, the quality of the products does as well. The quirky sayings are printed on American Apparel onesies and t-shirts: with this brand, you know you will get a fabulously comfortable and well-fitting 100% cotton garment. The inks are lead-free, pthalate-free and non-flammable.

Make sure to check out the site to view the entire typebaby line at: to figure out: "What typebaby are you?"

Disclosure: I received two typebaby products for review, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.