We are an American Girl family from way back.  My Samantha doll was ordered out of the catalog when there were three doll choices - Kirsten, Samantha or Molly.  My little sister was in early elementary school when the first Bitty Baby made it's debut.  While the dolls are still the same cute, high quality toys we expect, starting August 27, 2013 a brand new Bitty Baby line of dolls, books, clothes, accessories and furniture will be coming to a store, catalog and website near you! new bitty baby

new bitty baby

With 11 different combinations of skin color, hair color and eye color the new Bitty Baby can look just like your little girl.  If you are familiar with the current Bitty Babies, you'll know that they come with small, soft cover books.  The new Bitty Baby will have a full size hard cover story, just like the 18" dolls.

new bitty baby books

new bitty baby

The biggest change is in the furniture.  Previously, Bitty Baby cribs, high chairs and changing tables have been made out of plastic. Now they are made of wood, just like the full size doll furniture.  The crib looks just like something out of a children's decor magazine!  The new outfits are adorable, as always, and guarantee lots of hours of play.

American Girl Bitty Baby

We're so excited the smallest American Girl dolls are getting big changes!  Check AmericanGirl.com on August 27th to see the new products available!