Levi's, Nike, Converse, and Jordan; OH MY!!!! Let's talk about a mom's back to school heaven. Imagine walking into a room where clothes and accessories are laid out for you to take in all of the back to school style for the upcoming school year. Well that's what happened when I walked into the Back to School Editor's Preview for Levi's, Nike, Converse, and Jordan. I am a mom about style. I love to see my little lady look so adorable and most of all comfortable. With each of these brands you get both, impeccable style and comfort. Here are a few pics for you to take it all in before I go into detail about each brand and what you can expect.

Ok so let's get into the details.


It always starts with a pair of Levi's and this year it is all about updating the classics and making them hip and fun. Speaking of classics, remember corduroys? Thick, itchy, and stiff. Oh no not at Levi's, with this update they have modernized the cords. They are barely there, smooth, soft, and super casual. They will make any young boy feel cool.

Denim this year is more print focused. Levi's has the cutest heart and star printed denim and they are Skinnies. Super cute! I can actually go on and on, but I'll let the collection speak for itself.


The converse kid is confident, rebellious, classic, an individualist, a play-maker, and creative.This is Converse' first kids line, which was soft launched in the spring with the girls' collection. The boys make their debut this fall with hoodies, track jackets, and cool tees. I have to admit that their t-shirt collection is pretty awesome.



The fall kids line is all about comfort and style. If you have a skater in your house, this is the brand for you. This line is skater inspired with bright color stories and bold prints. The pieces are amazing for mix and match.



The big news for the Jordan brand this year is the launch of their girls line. The line includes dri-fit attitude tees, therma-fit hoodies, and fleece pants. Of course the boys line is the perfect match with its graphic and dri-fit tees. This entire line was designed with the sneaker in mind; building an outfit from the bottom up.

Each brand also has some really awesome accessories from backpacks to lunch boxes. Hats, gloves, and socks.


What is your kids style?
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