First haircuts for a little kid can be traumatic. (Even for the child.) Speaking as a totally unemotional parent, I can understand why it’s such a stressful experience for some parents: Will my kiddo have a meltdown? How do I keep him distracted long enough to ensure she doesn’t end up with an unintentionally asymmetrical haircut? And why am I choosing to buzz my child’s sweet baby curls? (Sob.)


Pickle’s Playroom, A Sip, Clip& Play Café, has some easy answers to these (all too common) fears:

1. No.

2. They have an array of supercool cars in which your kid can ride/be trimmed and a variety of shows with which to distract said driver.

3. And because your child cannot see through that wall o’ hair, that’s why.

My daughter Nora has been visiting Pickle’s Playroom (and her beloved stylist Jeremy) for over two years. When it became apparent that my youngest girl, Susannah, would need some shearing, Nora laid out the deets for her baby sister. She informed her that she’d been going here since she was “a very little kid” (she’s not yet four) and that, if you’re good, “…you get a show and a lolly and to go down the big slide.”

Whatever Nora told her sister must’ve worked, because Zuzu sat in the pink convertible rather stoically, watching a show about ocean life and choosing what to smell like. (Pickle’s Playroom carries and uses products from Circle of Friends, a great and natural line of kiddo products. We left with one sweetly scented little cupcake that day.)

And Jeremy, to put it simply, is a consummate pro. This ain't his first (or second or third) rodeo, and he’s a gem with his teensy clientele. At the end of the impressively quick trim, Susannah was rewarded with the promised lollipop, a signed certificate commemorating her very first haircut (complete with a miniature envelope containing a lock of baby curls), and a spin in Pickle’s Playroom’s really fun- and really clean- play space.

An affordable (and gentle) haircut, a romp in a sparkling playroom, and a great café menu?

Does that pink convertible come in adult sizes?

Pickle’s Playroom

2315 W. Lawrence Ave.

Chicago, IL


First Haircut Package: $25 (includes 30 minutes of play)