And were off... back to school, back to routine, and lunches, and daily driving, homework, calendars and sports! Every time this year, I start the seasonal closet overhauls. Going through clothes, changing out sizes and packaging up the good will donations. For the record, this takes hours, even weeks. With 5 kids it is literally like we are swimming in laundry and clothes until finally it is done. A clean and organized closet. There are few better feelings as a busy mom, than for even just one day to have a clean and organized closet.
The good news... "back to school shopping!' Do you remember how exciting it was when your mom would take you to the store to get your back pack and new kicks? I was the middle child and got plenty of hand me downs, but I still couldn't wait for that first day! Here are some of my fav back to school picks for boys and girls. Truth... girls need so much more!!!! I have 4 of them! Boys can take a few pieces, and wear them over and over in different ways. The monster t, with the vest and denim jacket or the monster t over the striped shirt with the hoodie or the stripped t-shirt with the hoodie and denim jacket... and the fedora... JT style!
Girl can do the same, but need casual, and dressy, and sporty and you get it! Happy back to school!
Do you have any tips on organizing your kids closets? Or certain ways you store and sort clothes?
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