I didn't know much about Rainbow Loom until a few months ago when I started seeing my friend Missy, post her rainbow Loom designs on facebook. Once Mia went back to school I learned that their was a HUGE Rainbow Loom craze. We have since purchased one and it was the best $17 we have spent. The Rainbow Loom has given Mia hours of creative fun! I am happy to introduce you to Missy, a Rainbow Loom expert in my eyes.  Here are her tips for How To Rainbow Loom!  


As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed crafts. I have amazing memories of my mother and grandmother knitting when I was younger. In fact, I remember sitting on the couch learning to knit with my grandmother when I was 6. When I went away to sleep-away camp, it was like a whole other world. I learned to do all kinds of crafts that I had never heard of before. I learned to make beaded earring with a needle and thread. I learned to make paper, string friendship bracelets and lanyards. From that summer of sleep-away camp on, I have been craft obsessed. I am able to look at things and duplicate them fairly easily.

I was so excited to have children and pass this along to them. My 5 year-old daughter is quite the tomboy so she isn’t so into any of it yet but I have hopes that one day, I will be able to teach her, and her younger sister to do all of the things I have learned.

My (almost) 10 year-old nieces also love crafts. When I went to visit them in June, my nieces taught me all about a new craft, which has become very popular this summer: the rainbow loom. I quickly became obsessed with it and of course had to buy my own loom (to my husband’s frustration) before we came back home. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the loom in Chicago and it was more expensive on Amazon than in the store in Maryland. In my mind, I had totally rationalized it, so I just ignored my husband.


In the past 4 months, I have mastered many of the patterns. By watching You Tube, where many of the pattern have videos teaching you how to make them, I have learned to make a single, triple single, starburst, fishtailteardrop, and sweetheart bracelets. I have seen pictures of bracelets others have made and I’ve figured out how to make them myself like the infinity bracelet. I’ve figured out how to make bracelets with charms. I’ve even come up with my own pattern: the double teardrop. My 5 year old is kind-of interested in making the bracelets, although she loses interest quickly. She does LOVE to wear the ones I make, though. Between the 2 of us, there are probably at least 50 bracelets laying around the house. I wish I knew what to do with all of these bracelets!

how to rainbow loom

I’ve had friends ask me for help and have offered numerous times to help people and few have taken me up on it.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep making bracelets to help me pass the time! I find it very soothing.

You can purchase the Rainbow Loom at Michael's, Amazon, Learning Express and Rainbowloom.com.  Kids love finding the specialty bands like these glitter bands, Glow In The Dark  and this large variety pack will keep kids busy for awhile.

Do you Rainbow Loom? What is your favorite design?