It's so much fun having two little girls at Halloween.  When Ellie was a baby she was a lamb, then a pink poodle.  Their first Halloween they were a bumble bee and a flower.  Then a mermaid and a crab, a unicorn and a pink pony, a grey cat and a pink flamingo.  Well, last year didn't exactly coordinate but still, sweet little costumes. This year?  This year they want to be something spooky.  After pouring over the Chasing Fireflies Wishcraft catalog what seemed like a million times, my sweet little girls finally picked their creepy costumes.  This year I'm the proud mother to a witch and a bat.

Not just any witch and bat.  A Spooky Stripes Witch and a Bat Fairy.  They examined their choices in accessories and chose wisely.  A black choker, perfect coordinating broom.  Bat gloves and a pet bat complete the ensemble.

Chasing Fireflies costume

My little Spooky Stripes Witch has perfected her, "I'll get you, my pretty!" complete with sinister laugh.

Polka Dot Witch Costume

chasing fireflies polka dot witch

The Bat Fairy knew exactly what hair style would make her look complete and with a little pig tail teasing, she loved her look.

chasing fireflies bat fairy

chasing fireflies bat fairy

Finished off with a little lip gloss left over from this summer's dance recital and these two spooky sisters are ready to Trick or Treat!

The costumes are amazing quality and will live in the dress up closet for years to come!

What will your kids be for Halloween this year?

Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing costumes for this review.