That day your kiddo first rides a trike is an awesome milestone. Same with a scooter. Of course it gets difficult as you add more kiddos to the mix and everyone wants to ride/scoot/stroll to the store with you- and the idea of herding puppies near busy intersections can make you want to just want to call a cab. (Anyone?) That’s where the Radio Flyer Ride & Stand, Stroll n’ Trike comes into play. With the ability for your “big kid” to have just as much fun getting there as your “not-so big kid,” they’ll have a blast. And with the control you’ll have over the motoring situation, you may just enjoy the trip as well!

This great product grows with your family: featuring four ways to ride as well as a standing platform for your biggie, there’s an infant trike, a push trike, a learn-to-ride trike, and a classic trike. (And did I mention the handheld capabilities? Clutch.) Every single feature on the Radio Flyer Ride & Stand, Stroll n’ Trike is fully adjustable, and it comes with some cool bonuses such as a wraparound tray (with cupholder), a removable canopy for UV protection, and a secure 3-point harness for the wiggliest member of your family.

My gals were stoked to try out the trike, and waited patiently throughout the (somewhat lengthy) assembly. But once it was up and running, oh what fun! My preschooler thought standing, riding, and “helping” to push was awesome. And my toddler had a great time “steering” from her mission control station in the front seat. (A very cool feature is that the parent handle steers the front tire and thus the whole operation. Or else I could easily see the whole shebang turning into tricycle anarchy.) Other than the tendency for the pedals to making a slight grating sound when a toddler rests her feet upon them (as opposed to pedaling), this is terrific for short trips, especially in a city.

Geared for ages 9 months to 5 years, the Radio Flyer Ride & Stand, Stroll n’ Trike is fabulous for growing families- and kiddos who redefine “on the go.”

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Disclousure: I was provided a Radio Flyer Ride & Stand, Stroll n’ Trike for review, but thoughts and opinions are my own.