It just doesn't seem practical to invest hundreds (thousands??) of dollars in a new wardrobe that will only serve a purpose for a few months out of your life. My trick? Get a basic dress that you can dress up, down, and go all around town in. The Dress- Maternity LBD

Here is a selection of maternity little black dresses in all styles and price points. Pick one that flatters your body type and budget, and wear it out!

Girl's Night Out


Ok, so you can't drink, you are probably half considering whether to call in "sick" and lay at home on the couch instead. The least I can do is take the guesswork out of putting an outfit together for you! Make sure to invest in a good pair of maternity nylons- they help smooth everything out. I prefer the Assets by Sara Blakeley Marvelous Mama line, but the most popular brand on is actually a brand called Berkshire, which retails for under $10 per pair. This look is a bit less trendy- the heels are comfy wedges as opposed to sky-high stilettos, jewelry is understated and classic enough to use in other outfits. Baby Shower

Oh the baby showers. I had four (yes four!) baby showers, and they were all completely different in terms of attendees and style. I definitely recycled a dress at least once, and no one was the wiser. PLUS, it seemed like when I was pregnant, a handful of my other friends were pregnant as well with their own showers for me to attend! The key here is to layer- the dress provides the perfect canvas to add a cute cardigan, wrap sweater or shrug. I love using a dress to layer with because there is no risk of a too short shirt riding up and baring your bump. You can definitely class up a maternity LBD- layers of pearls are a trendy twist on the classic single strand. Fall Festivals

There is nothing I love more in the fall than hitting up all of the festivals in our area. From hayrides to apple picking, cider sipping to doughnut sampling, I am one happy lady! I wish I could live in jeans like I do during my non-pregnant fall outings, but they just aren't as comfortable to me. Pairing this basic dress with flat riding boots, a cozy scarf and warm tights or leggings checks the box for comfort and fashion!