The first baby gift I received for my oldest daughter was a classic Baby Bjorn carrier.  We lived in the city and used it all of the time.  Walking the dog, shopping, quick trip to get coffee - her cute little feet were dangling all over Chicago.  It even stayed in the basket of the stroller because when she would get upset, being in the Baby Bjorn would calm her down instantly. With Baby #2, Madeline practically lived in the carrier.  With a 2 year old at my feet wanting my sleep deprived attention, the Baby Bjorn was the only way I could get anything done.  Unloading the dishwasher, dusting, or if she was over tired, a few clicks and she was safely secured and passed out.  Wow, life was much more glamorous in the city with one baby!

Now with Baby #3 on the way....yes BABY #3!!!!....I know we'll use the Baby Bjorn constantly.  Ellie is on the dance team and we'll be traveling to competitions this spring, taking kids to the park, running errands - it just does not get more convenient than the Baby Bjorn.

Well, until now.  Everything we loved about the classic Baby Bjorn has been improved and rolled into the Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE.

ONE carrier from newborn to 3 years with 4-way front and back carrying and an ergonomic design with maximized comfort!  I always wished we could have used the classic Baby Bjorn longer and now with the Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE, we can carry Baby #3 on our backs until 3 years old.

baby bjorn carrier one review


This news is so exciting, I had to practice for myself.  I headed to the playroom and grabbed the girls' favorite baby to give the carrier a test.


The straps are very comfortable and all of the buckles feel extra secure.  The strap around the lower back will distribute weight equally and save the back some pain.  The Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE is user friendly and easy to get the hang of very quickly.  Now we're so excited to have a Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE giveaway!  Enter in Rafflecopter below, good luck!

babybjorn baby carrier ONE giveaway


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