Finding the right denim is always a daunting task. Between all the different cuts and styles not to mention the sizing and lets face it trying on 20 pairs of jeans that don't exactly fit brings you to settling on a pair that is just ok... hence the consummate quest to score the perfect pair of jeans! As a stylist, finding a staple pair of jeans is usually number 1 on my clients lists of needs.    and I would say most of them are pretty confused about the skinny jean. "Can I pull them off" is the question I hear most.  Almost as if we assume they are not appropriate for our shape or age. In fact, it is quite the opposite, skinny jeans can work with most shapes... IF you find the right cut, fit and color!

Last weekend I collaborated with LOFT and hosted a style party event at my local Loft store. We had an after hours exclusive with appetizers, trend talk, how to mix prints, my top fall LOFT looks and of course lots of shopping. I have fallen in love with LOFT'S pant revolution a declaration to focus on fitting a women's body in the best possible way. Providing more shapes, styles and options as we are not one size fits all. At the event I styled our guests in all of the variations of skinny jeans and the results... FANTASTIC!

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So... the skinny on the skinny jean:

What to look for:

Shape - if your curvy look for a curvy skinny option, if your hourglass try the super skinny or modern skinny and if you are straight lined with smaller hips then go for the modern or super skinny cuts.

Style - You could really have each one of these options in your wardrobe as they all lend to a different style classes. Here are some tips:

1. Distressed Skinny - style these with a great pointed toe heel or sandal, maybe a color pop or bootie, go with the modern edge vibe and you can't go wrong.

2. Modern Skinny - this style is great for every day. Running errands, throwing on a cute cardigan and t with some flats, or ankle boots. Neutral Prep is a great way to rock the modern skinny rolled up!

3. Curvy Skinny - curvy means you don't have stick legs which most of us don't. This style will give you a bit more room in the legs and may have some give in the fabric too. I see this cut a bit more sophisticated tailored, worn with a great blazer or blouse, perfect for work and transitioning into evening.

4. Super Skinny - this style is just that super skinny, kind of like a legging. So if your not comfortable wearing leggings this may not be the fit for you. I would suggest trying them on still... the difference here is the thickness and structure the denim gives vs a cotton legging. I love the boheme chic style with layers, knits and boots pair with a super skinny denim.

Remember my pinterest boards with style class inspiration? I created one specific to styling LOFT if you want to follow for more ideas and new ways to work your skinnies!