Woah is it Halloween already? Time is flying by, but I am super excited because I get to be a kid all over again. Halloween is the one time that I, as an adult, am able to dress in a disguise and pretend to be someone or something. How cool is that? Can you tell that the kid in me is jumping up and down? My husband and I of course love to dress up in costumes that compliment each other and this year will be no different. Now we have our little lady to join in on the family fun. I diy our costumes every year because 1. I refuse to spend so much money on something that I will be wearing only once in my life....EVER! and 2. It makes the costume so unique. No one will look like you. I begin planning our costumes in early September. This way I can prepare and avoid spending too much money because I am rushing. This year we have thrown around quite a few ideas and it is making it so hard to narrow down.

Bandits are so cool and easy to make and the little love bug can be the actual loot bag, so precious. Say Yes to Hoboken did an excellent job executing this look. All you need to make this costume idea work is this top, this bottom, and gloves like these for women. For men try this top, this bottom, and gloves like these.
Who remembers the Where's Waldo book series. I remember spending hours trying to find him. This is the most adorable family get up ever and Cul-de-Sac Cool had an excellent example. To achieve this look all you need is a red and white top, a pair of your favorite jeans, this hat, and these glasses.
My favorite movie of all time, Grease. Not much is needed to complete this look and most of it you may have in your closet already. But if you don't here is what you need: For Sandy Dee this top, these pants (be sure to get black), a red shoe. For Danny Zuko this top, black casual pants, black dress shoes, and do not forget the white socks.

I thought it would be a good idea to give you all some ideas for your very own diy costumes for the whole family. As a bonus each suggestion comes with instructions to help you make it. Enjoy!

Do you have other costume ideas you have made or plan to make?