One of the best parts about living in London is that we are a quick 2 hour Eurostar train ride away from Paris.  There is nothing like shopping for the the creme de la creme of children’s fashion in Paris.  The Parisians are just so seriously cool and do things in such an effortless chic way that makes us visitors so envious of their style.

The latest brand to venture into children’s fashion is the edgy rocker label Eleven Paris  and is definitely a must have in your little trendsetter’s wardrobe.  Eleven Paris is known for their collection of t-shirts of famous figures with the trademark finger mustache.  The stand out designs include images of Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Kate Moss and will give your kid serious street cred.  I realize that kids these days probably haven’t got a clue as to who these uber chic people are but it is sure to amuse us grown ups out since after all we are the ones funding this fashion habit.  Luckily the new collection features cartoon characters such a Batman, Mickey Mouse and Kermit that will surely appeal to the young crowd.  The best part is that there are matching tees for us adults too!