I’m so excited to share my daughters Alexia’s 10th birthday party with you! This year with the big Rainbow Loom craze in our area, she decided she wanted to have a Rainbow Loom birthday party.

For several of weeks we sat down together and came up with a bunch of ideas for her Loom party.  If you’ve never heard of Rainbow Looms before they are tiny rubber bands that you connect together in various patterns to make bracelets, necklaces and rings. I love them myself because its using kids creativity and fun for all ages.  You can find out how to rainbow loom here and great designs here.

To carry the Loom theme throughout the party we scattered them everywhere, we attached them to drink jars, napkin rings and used them as part of the centerpieces.

Each girl received a mini Rainbow Loom box engraved with their name and recived a bag of Rainbow Looms bands.

We had a Rainbow Looming room set up for the girls to bring their kits and Loom together. We had different Rainbow Loom contests: who could make the fastest bracelet, who can make the most creative rainbow loom.

We used glow in the dark loom bands and scattered them in a dark room and the girls had a race to see who could find the most Looms. The winner got a prize and got to keep the glow in the dark bands.

My daughter found a Rainbow Loom shirt to go with her rainbow attire that she put together.

Her number one choice of dessert was a rainbow layered cake. The other desserts and treats she chose were all rainbow color coordinated with her theme: Cake Pops, Rainbow Chex, M&M Cookies, Fruit Cups, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Oreo Pops, Rainbow licorice with marshmallows, Sugar Cookies, rainbow lollipops and Rainbow Jello.

I had Lauren Haddox Designs do all of the party printables to bring the theme together.

I loved putting together this fun, creative LOOM party!