Holiday shopping is one hot topic right now and finding the best price for your gifts is even hotter! I love saving money and getting things at the best price possible but as a busy mom it makes it hard. I don't have time to search out every store for the best deal.

Golden Monogram Mug 

 I was happy to find Scoutfit recently. Scoutfit is the best online shopping experience, saving you money on whatever you want, automatically providing price alerts when the selected items go down in price and delivering you promo codes when you are ready to make the purchase. How cool is that? Its like having your own personal shopping assistant! A busy mom's dream come true.

Bestie Bracelets

I love that they will let me know when a price drops on products that I want to buy. That comes in handy this time of year when there is a new sale on a daily basis! Is your inbox on overload right now? With Scoutfit you only get emails about the products/stores you care about. You have complete control of your shopping experience.

Tortoiseshell Pumps

You have the ability to "Scout"  anything you desire from hundred of your favorite online shopping destinations such as Amazon and Nordstrom to niche retails such as Top Shop and specialty retailers such as West Elm and Sephora.

Beaded Plate and Fringe Necklace 

As a busy mom I love that I can "Set it and Forget it" with Scoutfit. Once I select something, the item is tracked and I am automatically alerted when the price drops! The best part for me is that Scoutfit helps me keep all my gift giving and shopping list organized. I need all the help with organization this holiday season!

Scoutfit wants you to have a very happy Holiday & they have an amazing giveaway going on until December 14th! You can find the details and enter here.

This post was sponsored by Scoutfit.