Growing up my parents didn't believe in getting us gaming systems. When everyone was getting Atari for (Christmas) yes, I am that old! Santa brought my sister and I a Texas Instrustment game system. Times have certainly changed. My kids both love playing with our phones when we are in the car or out and about. It can drive me crazy when I actually need to use my phone!


Recently I was introduced to PlayMg, a handheld Android Gaming system. The kids both love this cool gaming system. It is easy for both a 4 and 7 year old to use. They actually taught me how to use it! The great thing is that it is a non smartphone, smartphone. What does that mean? There are no monthly fees and it will give kids what the love. You can receive emails, get on the internet, watch youtube and of course play games! It also have parental controls and you can receive emails letting you know your childs usage.

Mia is 7 and has been begging for her own "phone". I am happy with the PlayMg because it isn't a phone but it makes her feel independent and allows her to play games that aren't on mom's phone! This game system is the perfect size to carry in my purse for those times that I need to keep the kids entertained while out and about.

Right now on Amazon you can purchase a PlayMg bundle for $149. which is a great value!

Disclousure: I was provided with a sample for reveiw. All opinions are honest and my own.