Most of us are in a frenzy of last minute shopping, wrapping, baking and planning holiday menus. A lot of us also are preparing to host family and friends that are visiting from out of town. This is such a fun and festive time of year but can also be stressful if you don't have the space for everyone to sleep and stay comfortably. Hampton Hotels have over 1,900 locations, which means there is probably a Hampton hotel near you. Guests at Hampton Hotels can expect a clean and fresh Hampton bed that will be perfect for a good night's sleep during the Holiday season. A free hot breakfast with fresh baked waffles and a personal favorite free wireless high speed internet access are offered to all Hampton hotel guests.


Hampton has partnered with entertaining expert, Jenny Steffens Hobick, to celebrate little holiday moment makers by providing “Hamptonality” to travelers this holiday season.  These tips are sure to make your life easier and your holiday guests happier!

Tip 1: Be the best OFF-SITE host ever…

Let’s be honest. You love your friends and family, but cramming everyone into your house for days at a time can be stressful and add to your already lengthy holiday host to-do list! If you simply don’t have enough room to host all of your holiday guests or you just think everyone would be happier with their own, comfortable space, consider booking them at your local Hampton.

Tip 2: Be prepared with lots of snacks

We all get a little grouchy when we're hungry - adults and kids alike!  Anticipate those moments by having snacks planned for afternoons and before dinner to keep everyone happy.  Be sure to include fresh options like fruit and crunchy veggies, along with filling cheeses and more decadent treats so you have something for everyone!

Tip 3: Plan a daily ritual

I like our guests to feel like they’re on vacation, so after our big breakfast, I let them explore during the day, then invite everyone to meet up for an “at home happy hour.”  I play holiday music, have a game for the kids, and the adults can enjoy some nice wine and cheese while everyone swaps stories from the day.

Tip 4: Plan one special night for the adults

The holidays are really all about the kids, but it can be really nice for the adults to get some time for themselves, too.  Hire a babysitter for the night for the children (or let the grandparents take over), so the parents can enjoy a special night out on the town.  Everyone (even the kids!) will appreciate a night of freedom.

Tip 5: Plan fun games

The best memories over the holidays are when everyone is relaxing, laughing and having a great time.  You can help orchestrate these moments by planning fun games in which everyone can participate.  You can host an Ugly Sweater Contest, A Christmas Carol Sing-Off, or Gingerbread House Competition during one of your “at home happy hours."

Tip 6: Celebrate past holidays

Another sure way to have everyone in stitches is to get out old home videos and pictures.  Everyone will love reminiscing about past holidays... the bad clothes and questionable hair styles always make for great holiday conversation and laughs.  Perhaps dig up some old holiday photos of your guests and use that as their “personal touch” when they arrive at your home for their stay.

Tip 7: Make your home "help yourself" friendly

Guests oftentimes feel like they are “in the way,” so make sure that your home is “guest-friendly” before they arrive.  Set up a refreshment center that is available to them daily – coffee in the mornings, bottles of water to take for the day, portable snacks to have at home or on the road, etc.  Make a list of local area “hot spots” with their phone numbers and websites that they can easily reference and tack it on the refrigerator.  Make a few sets of spare keys, so that people can easily come and go as they please.  Basically, be their “at home” concierge.

Tip 8: Prepare!

Do as much preparation in advance as you can.  Plan menus around recipes that can be made ahead of time -   freezer-friendly, one-dish meals like lasagna, or a hearty-braised beef stew are great options when serving a crowd.  Run a supermarket sweep a few days before for toiletries.  Do your own laundry before guests arrive, so that the washer and dryer can be available for them, if necessary.  The ultimate holiday hosts know that being prepared is the absolute best way to make your guests feel welcome in your home because you can actually enjoy them while they are there!

 What are your Holiday plans?

Disclousure: Compensation was provided by Hampton Hotel via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hampton or Momtrends.