One of the best parts of our job is connecting with mom entreprenuers. Kristin and I have worked with many small businesses that are just starting out over the past 2 years. We get really excited when we see one of these brands appear on the hit tv show Shark Tank!


A few years ago, we were introduced to SwimZip. Betsy Johnson the founder at 26 year's old was diagnosed with skin cancer. She took being diagnosed with skin cancer as a chance to do something right. She created SwimZip a UPF+50 clothing brand. As moms of kids that in the summer are in the pool or at the beach most of the time, we realize the importance of GOOD swimwear. We love that SwimZip's rash guards have a zipper that makes getting the shirt on and off much easier when wet!

We had the chance to get to know Betsy Johnson the found of SwimZip.

TLSF: You started SwimZip before becoming a mom. How has SwimZip changed since you had your son?
Betsy Johnson: Oh my goodness!  After I had my son the business changed a ton!  Skin cancer was why I started the business, but now with a blue eye blond air little boy running around, I am always come up with new functionality for the SwimZip toddler sun protective swimsuits!  He is the best test model ever!  He also gets me to want to create more and more UV fashionable clothing!
TLSF: How do you juggle growing your business and raising your son?
Betsy Johnson: Poorly.  ;)  Juggling a business and a child is hard. I admire so many parents who try to do this.  There are days that I am just so stressed I can't do being a mom or business owner well.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that I'm being a wonderful mommy to my son.  There are days I just have to turn off my phone so I can focus on him… juggling both is really hard!
TLSF: What are you mommy must haves? (The things that help you get through daily life)
Betsy Johnson: Board books – we love to read and look at pictures and tell stories.
Stroller – There are days when all we have to do for the both of us is go on a walk around the block for some fresh air.
Iphone – I run so much of my business from my phone, I am attached it it.
Burts Beez!
Marc Jacobs Baby Diaper Bag!
Sippy Cups
Annies Cheese Crackers (for my son and I! Yum)!
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TLSF: SwimZip will appear on Shark Tank on January 24th! Tell us about your Shark Tank experience!
Betsy Johnson: Yes!  SwimZip Swimwear can't wait to air on Shark Tank in two weeks!  It will be a very big night for us, we will be able to share SwimZip with the world!  Our Audition was fun.  We applied on line and were lucky enough to get selected!!!  Preparing for the pitch was grueling, you truly have to know your company inside and out.  I know everything since finanical figure you could dream of but SwimZip is truly my passion so yes it was a lot of work. Understanding my numbers was easy.  Pitching to the sharks was a blast (and extremely scary) because we know everything about the company.  We know the mission, the numbers, the dream, and what we need to get our company to the next level!
TLSF: What are your tips for other mommy entrepenuer's to get on Shark Tank?
SwimZip: Be yourself! Have a ton of energy. Believe in your company.  Have a vision for what you want to get out of being on shark tank!  Most importantly have fun!
TLSF: What can we see from Swim Zip for Spring /Summer 2014?
Betsy Johnson: We are SO excited about our  spring and summer collection.  We are launching UV beach hoodies (sun protection in the fabric!)!  This is a first for us and we couldn't be more excited.
We will also be offering matching hats for each new SwimZip!  So you will have UV protection for the face and body!  We are working to be the household name for UV protection for kids and families!
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We hope you turn in on January 24th to cheer on Betsy and SwimZip!