We are having a record breaking winter in Chicago. The kids are actually home today because it is too COLD to go to school! That means that winter is here to stay for a lot longer. When it warms up a bit we hope to take advantage of the snow and have some fun! Our kids love to ice skate, go sledding and doing anything fun in the snow. We found some awesome winter outdoor toys that will make being outside this winter a lot more fun!

winter outdoor toys

1. Tubbs Flex Jr Snowshoes 2. Snow Castle Set 3. Snow Bear Kit 4. O'er the hills sled helmet 5. Bolle Youth Goggles 6. RAILZ Snow Scooter 7. Sonic Snow Tube 8. Suncast Kids snow shovel 9. Zipfy Jr Sled

How are you enjoying the winter with your kids?

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