Pan, my favorite little panda heroine, is back in her new adventure storybook app Pan: Chasing The Keeper.  

Thankfully, Since my daughter has been asking for more Pandora (while playing and re-reading the first book) every day this past Summer and Fall.


This much-anticipated sequel to Hullabalu's Pan: The Fearless Beribolt- which has become iTunes’ number 1 storybook app in 15 countries- stars Pandora, a fearless and energetic purple panda on a quest to find her parents. With central themes of courage, perseverance, and integrity (not to mention a strong female protagonist- rare in adventure stories), this tale and character have become quite beloved in our family.


So what’s the scoop on Pan: Chasing The Keeper? Simply, it’s a wonderful app featuring new wacky friends, but the same spunky Pandora on the next phase of her journey. This series continues to be genuinely funny- even for parents. A few of the asides uttered by Pandora’s new crew went way over four year-old Nora’s head but made me laugh out loud. (And yes, when’s the last time you legitimately LOL’d?)


Some chapters focus on Pan’s training and allow for some fun hand-eye coordination games, while others feature an abundance of ever-changing conversations, hidden objects, and nods to other favorite tales of adventure. (Star Wars and Aladdin were two notably hilarious references.)


Both books in the Pandora series highlight the importance of trial and error, learning from mistakes, and being a leader. Pan: Chasing The Keeper is a great tale that will legitimately be enjoyed by the whole family.


Which is a good thing since, once you download these apps, you’ll probably never get your iPhone back.


Download Pan: Chasing The Keeper on iTunes here, free for a limited time!

Pan: The Fearless Beribolt can be purchased here.

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