From the moment our kids saw Frozen in the theaters over Thanksgiving they became obsessed! I have to admit that I myself have seen Frozen twice and it is now my favorite Disney movie of all time. Frozen is a movie for all ages and if for some reason you have not seen it yet, I suggest you get in the car and go see it today! I am not sure how many times we listen to the Frozen soundtrack on our ipads or iphones each day but we sing it in our sleep. Daddy Ryan was very brave and even took all 3 TLSF girls to the Frozen Sing A-Long! With Frozen movie as a favorite in our houses that also means they love watching "Let It Go" covers on YouTube.

best Frozen Let it Go Covers Here are the 5 best Frozen "Let it Go" covers around...

As moms we absolutely LOVE this "Let It Go" paradoy by My Life Suckers. We can all relate to how this mom feels, right?

We absolutely were blown away when we first watched this version of Let It Go with Alex Boye, Lexi Walker and the One Voice Children's Choir a few weeks ago!

Maddie and Zoe will  put a smile on your face when you hear them sing "Let It Go!". My kids think they are the cutest!

We are amazed by the power of Grace's voice.

These sisters singing accoustic are not only adorable but have amazing voices. The little one can sing better than most adults! :)

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