Spring is scarf season! Goodbye heavy chunky knits, hello breezy chiffon and silk! There are so many different types of scarves, and they can elevate an outfit from basic to retro, European, mod, you name it! If you only own one type of scarf, it is time to branch out and try a few of these styles.


Here are a few NEW ways to style your scarf that you might not have thought of. My goal is to always get the most out of every piece in my closet, and a scarf is the queen of multitasking! From Hermes to Old Navy, there is a scarf for every budget. Here is the spring scarf style guide:

spring scarf style guide

Skinny- Use this style as a belt. A polka dot scarf would look adorable paired with sailor striped pants. You can thread the scarf through the belt loops and tie in a bow at the front. You can also knot it and let the ends hang unevenly. Chiffon or silk skinny scarves, if long enough, can also be tied in a bow at the throat; they look great under a blazer styled this way! These also look sleek as a headband, tied at the nape of the neck.

Bandana- These make great headscarves for a bad hair day, or when it is too hot to wear your hair down. If the scarf isn't long enough to tie under your hair, you can always pin the ends in place under your 'do, or attach it to a headband. Another way to use bandana scarves is to add a little color to a basic bag. Roll the scarf and tie the ends around a strap or handle! Bandana scarves are also small enough to use on a straw fedora. Again, roll the scarf and tie the ends around the hat to add some color or a different texture.

Pashmina- I always bring a pashmina to an event, especially if I am unsure of the dress code. If you feel that you are overdressed, wrap the pashmina around your shoulders and tie the ends behind your back. This creates the look of wearing a shrug and transforms your outfit. I have done this when I felt I was showing a bit too much skin! Extra large pashminas also look great simply wrapped around your shoulders and torso.

Infinity- Put the scarf on as if it were a vest- one end of the loop around the back of your neck, the other end of the loop around the small of your back. Pair with a skinny belt that hits at your natural waist, and fasten it around the scarf.

As for what print to purchase, you can't go wrong with these 5 classics, all under $40 each:

spring scarves Evalyn K Cheetah Print- Nordstrom; Dots to Discuss Scarf- ModCloth; With Love from California Floral Scarf- PacSun; LibbySue Tan Plaid Scarf- amazon; Jersey Striped Infinity Scarf- Levi's  

How do you plan on styling your scarves this spring?

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