It was a dark and snowy morning on March 12th when we checked in to the hospital for the big day.  The hospital was so busy with new babies at 6 am that we had to wait in the waiting room for almost two hours until a bed was ready in Labor and Delivery.  Finally things got rolling and at 1:18 pm our newest love, William Kray was born weighing 9 pounds, 11 oz and 20 inches long. Due to his handsome size, our big guy got a little stuck on the way out, swallowed fluid and was in 'respiratory distress'.  Just enough drama to get him a 4 day stay in the NICU.

After his lungs were clear, the big sisters finally got to hold their little brother.  They had waited a long time for this moment as they would announce to anyone who would listen.

Pretty soon he was off all IV's and tubes and finally got the all clear to come home.

The last week has been filled with snuggles as we get to know our newest family member.  We're all in love.