This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tooth Tunes.

A few weeks ago the girls had a visit to the dentist.  For Ellie it was no big deal, she's been getting cleanings for years and has always been cavity free.  But four year old Madeline has never let a hygienist or dentist do more than 'count her teeth' and at this visit she was going to get her first cleaning and set of x-rays.  Because her big sis always gets a stellar report, we were shocked to find out that Madeline did not hit the genetic jack pot in the dental department.  Her teeth are really close together and while we thought we had been doing a good enough job brushing, the x-rays told a different story.

The girls had seen commercials for Tooth Tunes and were dying to try them out.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Ellie loved her One Direction Tooth Tunes toothbrush and Madeline went wild over her Alphabet penguin toothbrush.

tooth tunes

The first thing we noticed is that two minutes is actually a pretty long time!  The girls brushed for the entire song and I know without the music playing we would have stopped about one minute in, not nearly the length of time that is recommended.  After the song was over, the kids wanted to brush their teeth again.  Tooth Tunes is a hit!

tooth tunes review

Madeline says, "My favorite part about my Tooth Tunes toothbrush is everything!  I just really like the song and the toothbrush and the button and the tune and well....everything!"

tooth tunes

Ellie says, "I really like the music in my Tooth Tunes - it puts music in my mouth!  My new toothbrush really makes my teeth sparkly clean!"

Their dad and I hope that with Tooth Tunes and an exciting new way to brush their teeth, Madeline's next visit to the dentist will be a much more pleasant experience.


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tooth Tunes.

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