My third postpartum experience was very different than I expected.  When Will was born he didn't cry.  I knew as soon as I saw him that something was wrong.  I frantically asked over and over "Why isn't he crying? What's wrong?" but everyone around me stayed calm and didn't really answer my question. After what seemed like an eternity, he made some sounds.  More grunts, than cries, and then the neonatologist explained that Will had swallowed fluid on his way out and would need to go to the NICU.  Just hearing NICU is scary and we didn't know what to expect.  When we were able to visit him, he had a breathing tube, IV and all kinds of monitors attached to his small body.  At that moment it clicked, I was not going to be holding or breast feeding my new baby for quite some time.

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago when we were preparing for the little guy's arrival, I had packed my new Bravado Designs nursing bras and tanks in my hospital bag.  Although nursing Will wasn't in the near future, a hospital grade pump and countless visits from lactation consultants and social workers were.  I was so happy to have the Bravado bras because it kept me comfortable and made pumping and visiting with hospital staff a little more discrete.

In the past I've had the original Bravado Designs nursing bras and they were great - comfortable, easy to use and easy to wash.  The only downside was the cotton was a little thin and it sometimes made hiding nursing pads difficult in form fitting tops.  The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was perfect for me because it has light, removable pads that easily conceal nursing pads and just smooth everything out.  The fabric is soft and the closure in the back is comfortable as well.  It also comes in a variety of colors - more than just nude, black and white.

favorite nursing bras

The Essential Nursing Tank is long enough for my tall torso and very comfortable as well.  It's forgiving with it's stretch and is a great staple to wear under any top.  I always like a nursing tank so my lovely postpartum stomach stays nice and covered!

favorite nursing bras

After three days in the NICU I was finally able to nurse Will.  By then my milk was in thanks to the hospital pump and we are going to do our best to try to make breast feeding work even though we were not off to an ideal start.

This hospital experience was much different than my first two - my baby never made it to the recovery room, we have no mama - just born pictures and the girls met their brother while he was in the NICU hooked up to machines.  What was the same? Hospital food, visits from family and wearing Bravado Designs nursing bras.

I'm not sure how breast feeding will work out this time around but Will and I are home from the hospital, recovering nicely and doing great.  We are happily in love with our little guy and that's all we could ask for.


Thank you to Bravado Designs for providing products for review.  All opinions are honest and my own.