Don't you just love all of those newborn snuggles?  When the baby prefers to sleep right on you?  We are in that phase now and I just can get enough.  My little guy's absolute favorite place to be is snuggled up asleep on my chest.  And this being my third baby, I know how short this time lasts and I want to enjoy every moment of it. There's just one little problem.  I can't get anything done while sitting on the couch with him sleeping on my chest.  I can kind of mess around on my phone, but no real work gets done - until I started using the Sleep Belt.

sleep belt

The Sleep Belt is a long piece of stretch fabric with velcro that basically attaches the baby to your body so that while sitting you have your hands free.  It's pretty genius.  I tried doing something similar with a carrier in the past but they were all too bulky to sit comfortably.



I also love the Sleep Belt because our guy has a little spit up problem and we need to keep him upright after feeding.  This is a great way to accomplish that and keep my hands free.

Skin to skin is great for newborns and the Sleep Belt can be worn with or without clothes.  See?  It's pretty genius.  The Sleep Belt comes in three sizes and colors - aqua blue, basic black and hot pink.  For more information and to purchase your Sleep Belt, visit

Thanks to Sleep Belt for providing a sample for review.  All opinions are honest and my own.