I love celebrating Easter with the kids. The hardest part about Easter it is hard to cram everything I want to do with the kids on one day. This year I decided to to create a new fun tradition for them, Bunny Snack time! I chose a Saturday afternoon that we didn't have much planned. I covered their kids table with butcher paper. One of my favorite things is butcher paper because you can use it for so many things. The kids love to draw on it and for that reason it is always perfect for entertaining kids. I made an edible centerpiece using peeps, paper straws and jelly beans which of course the kids LOVED!

I made a bunny snack mix for the kids using Easter Frosted Animal cracker, Bunny pretzels, peanut butter m&m's and coated pretzels.

I used a Easter jello mold to make cute jello Jigglers.  The kids helped me make spring cupcakes and we used adorable the bunny cupcake kit from Chasing Fireflies. Bunny straws looked perfect in their little milk jars. The kids are both obsessed with their personalized bunny plate. They have requested this plate for every meal this week. Eating your food on a cute plate makes meal time more fun!

The Eggbert and Chic surprise balls were  not only cute but fun! The kids loved unraveling the paper streamers to find  10 little toys. It was super fun to see their excitement.

A cute kids Easter table is not complete without Bunny Chair Covers! These covers are something that I will use every year for the kids.

Creating a special table for kids on a holiday means a lot to them and creates fun memories.


Visit Chasing-Fireflies.com to see all of the gorgeous  decor, accessories and Easter outfits.  Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing a gift card for this review.

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