Thank you to Personal Creations for sponsoring today's challenge! Easter baskets are so fun.  My kids love finding them on Easter morning and tearing through the grass to discover all of the goodies the big bunny has left them.  But what do you do with those baskets the other 364 days of the year?  Personal Creations challenged me to test out their personalized Easter baskets and then come up with a creative way to use the baskets once the holiday is over.  Not only did we all love the Easter baskets, but I solved two big problems at our house by reusing them in a new way.

First the Easter Bunny made an early delivery to our house to two very good new big sisters.

personal creations easter baskets

The baskets each came with the grass, a stuffed bunny, chocolate bunny, Peeps, chocolate eggs, mini chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and a few other candies - everything required for the perfect basket.

personal creations easter baskets

personal creations easter baskets

The girls were thrilled with their early surprise.

personalized easter baskets

carter's spring pajamas

After sorting through all of their goodies, we emptied the baskets and were ready to reuse them in a new way.  We recently moved into a new house and I've been struggling with how to keep hair accessories organized.  I went to our local big box store and purchased two lunch box kits that had three sizes of small plastic containers.  The containers fit perfectly into each basket.  Then I filled each girls' basket with their hairbrush and favorite hair clips, rubber bands and headbands.  Here is the result:

how to reuse easter baskets

how to reuse easter baskets

how to reuse easter baskets

We kept things simple - Ellie has a purple room, she gets a purple hair brush.  The polka dot liner is a cute addition to her dresser and it looks like the basket was designed to be a hair caddy!

Madeline's new room is pink so she picked a pink hair brush and her favorite accessories for her hair caddy.

how to keep hair accessories organized

hair caddy

organized hair accessories

The portability of a basket is key for those hectic mornings getting everyone ready and out the door for school.  And the baskets are ready to be used year after year.

Do you reuse your Easter baskets after the holiday?  Be sure to check out all of the Personal Creations Easter Baskets.  Enjoy 25% off your order with code BunnyHop25 from now until April 14, 2014!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and ideas are honest and my own.