Easter is almost here!  I’ve been having so much fun trolling around pinterest finding yummy things to eat, fun things to make, pretty flowers and some great manicures!  Here are my favorites so far…

  1. Adorable Bunny Manicure – I think this is so cute and it even shows you how to do it.  If you can’t do it yourself (I sure can’t) you can take this to your nail salon or even have your friend do it for you!

    bunny manicure

  2. Flowers With A Vintage Look – I love this vintage pail these flowers are in.  You can easily get new ones that have this same look.  Such a pretty way to display your Spring flowers!

    floral center pieces

  1. Mod Podge Garland – This looks so fantastic but pretty easy to do.  And really you can use these for any kind of celebration, not just Easter!  Would look great as a kid’s bedroom decoration as well!

modgepodge Easter Eggs

  1. Pastry Bunnies – No, these are not AT ALL healthy but they sure look delicious!  Got to splurge sometimes, right?

cinnamon roll bunnies

  1. Baby Chick Nails – More cute nails…I love these little baby chicks!

easter manicure ideas

  1. Eggs And Flower Display – I think this would be so lovely for a dining table or buffet centerpiece.  A great way to decorate for Easter!

Easter centerpiece

  1. Paper Strip Easter Egg – this Easter decoration is made out of strips of cute paper.  You could have your little one decorate paper and then cut them into strips to use, you can decorate them yourself, or just find paper you love to use.  I made this and it took about ½ to do.  Really easy with such a great result!

egg art

  1. Bunny Pancakes – I just thought this was so cute.  You can use any pancake recipe and voila, you can make an adorable Easter themed breakfast!

    bunny pancakes

    What special things are you doing for Easter this year?