We love discovering Mom owned businesses and are excited to introduce you to Ava Rose Designs.  ARD is a 5 year old clothing and accessories company started by a stay at home mom, Melanie. She left her high level corporate career after losing her father, battling the corporate recession in order to raise her children and do what she loves designing women's clothing. The item that launched Melanie's business was her Sassy pants (lounge pants) which then started the evolution of Ava Rose Designs.

The company has grown rapidly over the the past few years, organically in the Phoenix area as well as nationwide through various sales channels including the Ava Rose Designs website and the new Personal Stylist program. Due to continuous growth and strong customer following, ARD added a new component to the company, the personal stylist program. The program is tailored to give fashion savvy women, social networking, an entrepreneur opportunity to make a lot of money or just some seed money while selling what women love, clothes!

We love that the ARD products are affordable on trend with a bohemian and preppy flair and perfect for a busy stylish's mom's lifestyle. A majority of their prints are created in house and offers mother/daughter designs year around. You have to check out their girls line of clothing, it is absolutely adorable! These items are colorful, fun and make you want to get dressed in the morning!

I recently re-connected with a sorority sister, Melissa Heinrichs. She has been working for Ava Rose Designs as a personal stylist for the last 9 months. She started working for ARD because she is a stay at home mom that was craving something fun and stimulating  as well as being social.  She is able to fit representing Ava Rose Designs into running the kids to school, sports and play dates easily into her daily life. She had no background in sales or fashion.

As a personal stylist Melissa has the opportunity to sell seasonal lines to friends, family in the phoenix area as well throughout the country. Due to the rapid growth she became a senior stylist this spring and is now managing a number Personal Stylists under her. As a Senior Stylist she trains and manages personal stylists that have come on board this year as well as still selling and managing her base. Melissa loves that she has been able to grown in her position in less than a year, made extra money off her stylists earnings in addition to her own income.

We love the philosophy that the founder Melanie has that family come first and there should never be any pressure about selling or pressuring your customers into buying. Her mission is to make sure her Personal Stylists have fun and are fulfilled when it comes to their own personal goals within the company.

Ava Rose Designs creates fun and flattering style for  a "real women's body" that will easily transition into your existing wardrobe. I wore the Meris Dress yesterday for a busy day of Mom 2.0. It is the perfect dress to travel with and comfortable to wear!

Interested in learning more about Ava Rose Designs? Contact Melissa at melheinrichs@gmail.com for more information or to purchase an item. You can also follow Melissa on Instagram and twitter.



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