Mother’s Day is just about here! My 5 year old daughter and I decided it would be fun to make some hand painted canvas totes for her two grandmas and two aunts this Mother’s Day. I figure they’re great for taking to the grocery store or farmers market! You can get everything you need at a craft store, or if you don’t have time, you can always order what you need on Amazon prime. Here’s what we ordered: Natural colored canvas totes,  Fabric Paint and Paint Brushes.

We decided to do either a handprint flower, foot print flower, or in one case both a hand and foot print flower on the front of the tote, and then my daughter did more of an “abstract painting” on the back and also wrote her name. Here’s how we did it:

Lily chose the colors she wanted to use, then I painted her hand or foot.

handprint tote bag for Mother's Day I helped her make the prints on the canvas totes with her hand or foot

Mother's Day handprint craft She painted a stem with her finger

handprint mother's day craft We let the first side dry

Once dry, she went to town painting the back side.... And voila! A fantastic canvas tote for Mother’s Day!

This project can be a little messy so make sure to have a wet towel near by to wipe the paint off your child’s hand or foot when you’re done making each print. The paint dries quickly and by the evening it was dry and ready to wrap!

Happy Mother’s Day!