We are part of the Ziploc Fresh 180 program and they have sponsored today's conversation! 

I don't usually make New Years resolutions at the beginning of each new year. I do however try to set some goals for myself. This year I want to try to be more organized, eat healthier and exercise on a regular basis. To achieve this goal i have decided to participate in the Ziploc Fresh 180 program and try out some of their fun "challenges" like how to tackle my to do list while squeezing in a workout.

For Starters, I am starting to tackle my kid's closets and that is a workout in itself! The amount of clothing, toys and other things that accumulate in year is crazy!  In order to get motivated to clean out their closets, I need to fuel up with a power smoothie.  A smoothie full of  fruits, Kale and Greek yogurt gives me the energy that I need. To make smoothie making easy I have cut up fruits and frozen them in small  Ziploc Brand Twist' N Loc containers. These are the perfect size for one smoothie. This makes for fast and easy smoothie making. The best part is that when the kids are wanting a snack they can easily make it on their own or with some help from mom (for the younger kids).

The best part is that when the kids are wanting a snack they can easily make it on their own or with some help from mom (for the younger kids).

On a busy day of organizing that means that I might have to give up my hour workout at the gym. That doesn't mean that I cannot get some exercise in for the day. Running up and down the stairs hauling bags out to the car in the garage does burn calories. I try to squeeze in a 6 minute Ab workout at home. I have found great work outs that I can do quickly on YouTube. Currently my favorite is Tone It Up Abs.

I am organizing and going through my daughter's wardrobe for each season. This is no easy task with a little fashionista in the house!  I picked up a few Ziploc Brand Flexible Totes. I am impressed by how much I can fit in the XXL heavy tote. I still have room in this tote and can fit her whole summer wardrobe in one! (she has a lot of clothes too!) I love that these totes take up a lot less space than other bins or tubs I have used in the past. That means we now have a lot more room in her closet and can maximize the storage.

After cleaning out closets I need to make a run to my local goodwill. I am hungry and want to avoid stopping at a fast food restaurant that will ruin my healthy eating. Before my day of organizing begins I packed up some healthy snacks in Ziploc Brand Snap Seal containers and Ziploc Brand snack Bag's. small round smart snap containers and snack bags. These are easy for me to toss in my purse, keep in the car to avoid any temptations and to keep my energy up.

If you plan ahead of time to tackle your  big to do lists, you can be healthy, exercise and get organized all at the same time!