We all know the tale of Sleeping Beauty, now it's time to learn the real story of Maleficent. maleficent poster

Betsy, Mia, Ellie and I were lucky enough to see an advanced screening of Maleficent last night and all of us loved it.  With some memorable similarities to Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent shows the story of how things 'actually happened.'  The movie is so visually amazing that you are transported to a land where fairies are real and birds can be transformed into fire breathing dragons.

The girls, and grown ups, wore their Maleficent crowns proudly on the red carpet and into the theater.


If you have sensitive children, this movie may be too much for them.  It's rated PG and there are scenes of war, and well, fire breathing dragons.  If the preview above is scary to them, you might want to wait until they are older and catch it on DVD.  Our soon to be second and third graders just LOVED it.  There was one scene where Ellie, 7, grabbed on to my arm, but she is happy to be spooked and loved the entire movie.

maleficent the movie

To recap:

  • Older kids loved it!
  • Moms loved it!
  • Rated PG, use your judgement and if you have a sensitive child, wait to see the movie.

Are you ready to see if true love's kiss conquers all?  Maleficent takes theaters everywhere on Friday, May 30th!