Father’s Day is next weekend and I am scouring the internet looking for something to give my husband.  I want it to be meaningful and something he’d really love.  My daughter has already announced I will be serving both her dad and her breakfast in bed.  Hmmmm, as I recall she had breakfast with me in bed too for Mother’s Day…tricky!  Here are a few ideas of my favorite ideas I  found on pinterest.

Personalized Photo – I thought this was just too sweet.  What a great gift for dad!  I also so lots of ideas where children were photographed holding up signs like: “Best Dad Ever” or “I Love You Dad.”


Child’s Footprint – this is especially sweet to do with your baby.  It’s a great way your husband can bring something special to put on his desk at work, reminding him of his bundle of joy at home!


Handmade apron – if you have a husband who loves to cook or barbeque, this is such a great idea!  Your kids could even make matching ones for themselves!  (in a smaller size of course)


Spatula – this is a super easy gift and  would actually go well with the handmade apron.  Perfect for the dad who doesn’t love handyman tools, but loves cooking tools!


Jar Gift- Time isn't always on our side to create a gift from scratch. This Jar gift from Lil Luna is perfect! Fill it with your favorite gummy bears, print out the free printable and dad has an adorable gift!