Thanks to Ziploc for sponsoring today's discussion on summer travel.

This summer we are going on vacation!  An entire week in South Carolina.  We booked our tickets, thankful to purchase four still instead of five and then along with our flight confirmation we received the reminder of baggage fees.  Ugh.  So now I don't just need to pack for a week for a family of five but I need to pack smart.

The girls each have their own cute suitcase on wheels.  I know that I can pack one small suitcase each for them to get by for the week.  Seven outfits, 3 pairs of pajamas, 4 bathing suits, a coverup and undies will last them a week plus we will have laundry access.

Inspired by the Ziploc Fresh 180 program, I discovered  Ziploc® brand Travel Space Bags® that claim you can fit twice as much in your suitcase.  This is my first time using them and it was very easy.  Just fill to the STOP line, zip it closed and then roll.  Rolling pushing all of the excess air out of the bag and shrinks everything.

It works!  The same amount of clothing is still in each suitcase taking up half of the space.

Both Ziploc® brand Travel Space Bags® filled with the clothes from each suitcase now all fit in one suitcase!

Ziploc® brand Travel Space Bags® come in a pack and in two sizes - carry on and regular.  These ones pictured are the smaller, carry on size.  I'll be sure to use the large size when packing the adult clothes into the large suitcase.   Ziploc® brand Sandwich Bags are the perfect size for carry on bags to put all of your liquid items like hand sanitizer, lip gloss, etc. Plus all Ziploc® brand bags like the Sandwich Bags are recyclable at plastic bag recycling centers and at retailers like Target and Walmart.  Just be sure your used Ziploc® brand bags are clean and dry before dropping them off in the bin.

I'm thrilled to leave a suitcase at home.  Now we'll just have to figure out which little traveler gets to pull all of their clothes!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ziploc.  All opinions are my own.

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