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It's so hard to believe that our guy is three months old.

baby month by month stickers

Time is flying by so fast and the week he was born almost seems like a dream at this point.  You may not know, but we moved to a new house and had our third baby all in the span of 48 hours.  It sounds like a joke but after months of housing drama we closed on our sale and purchase of our houses and moved on Monday and Will was born on Wednesday.

Because our entire lives were packed into boxes up until the day before the baby was born, there wasn't much I could do ahead of time to get ready for his arrival.  I knew we would have a day to get his nursery set up and decorated so in the weeks between my Sprinkle and his arrival I did laundry.

rock and roll nursery art

All of the adorable newborn outfits that I received as gifts and purchased for our first baby boy were washed with Dreft and put away, ready for the move.  He had a closet and dresser full of little newborn size sleep gowns, onesies, sleepers, etc.  They were so tiny and cute, just waiting for Will to come home from the hospital.

dreft laundry detergent

And then I delivered a 9 pound 11 ounce baby who wouldn't fit in any of it.  Except for a few 0-3 month gowns, this 'little' guy was proudly wearing size 3 month clothes.  He now, at 3 months is wearing size 9 months in some brands!

So how should expecting parents get prepared for their baby to be born?  Wash a few baby outfits in each size, sheets, blankets, towels, even the adult clothes that will come in contact with baby's skin ahead of time in Dreft High Efficiency Detergent since it is gentle on skin and has a track record of 75 years of taking the best care of baby's things.

dreft detergent

But keep the tags on some outfits in smaller sizes (just in case you get a chunky monkey like we did) and have plenty of Dreft on hand to wash new clothes as baby grows and get out those tough stains.

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