As the temperature rises, so do our hairdos. No longer are we content to let our locks down, especially in high humidity conditions where "plastered with sweat" is the main style. Not cute.

So, what does a gal do when she has long hair, heat to beat, and munchkins to maintain? Try a few of these new hot weather hairstyles to stay calm, cool and cute!


The Triple Elastic Ponytail

No special tools needed. For this sleeker version of the pony, take three elastics and space them about a 1/2 inch apart, starting at the crown of your head. It just adds an extra dimension to your style, and is easy to attempt. To achieve a similar, less high-fashion look, try a hair cuff.

Karina Ponytailer Black Croc Cuff- Ulta

The Sophisticated Messy Bun

I have a few scarves to wear in my hair, but I honestly don't wear them. I feel that they are too "hey, look at me!" so I keep them tucked away in a drawer. Why not use a scarf to amp up your messy bun? Just create a low messy bun with second day hair and tie a small but vibrant scarf around it. Instant class.

Coach Printed Tweed Ponytail Scarf

Throwback Twin Bead Hair Ties

Do you remember those cute, brightly colored bubble bead hair ties? I used them to secure my ponytail every day of my elementary school career. Why did they ever fade from my rotation? Adorable! Try the updated version with over sized metal baubles and a non-damaging elastic band.

L. Erickson 30mm Metal Bauble


The Fishtail

fishtail tutorial

image via Pinterest

Now, this is more of an expert level in my opinion. The beauty of this braid is that it is supposed to be messy, giving it a beachy casualness. Make the braid, then rough it up a little. Yes, sounds easy, but for those who are braid-challenged (moi) it is a toughie. Check out Lauren Conrad's video tutorial here for some extra help!

fishtail tutorial

The Faux Bob

faux bob tutorial

image via Pinterest

I always think I want short hair until I get it, then I sob hysterically. This is why I have a pact with my stylist- no super short chops, no bangs, no matter what I say.

I love the faux bob- why not go short for a night? This style works best if you have some layers up front.

Here is how to get the look:

What hair styles are you trying this summer?