The Little Style File kids live for summer fun.  They want to be outside in the sunshine all day long.  When being at the beach or the pool is all they want, we look for comfortable swimwear with UV protection.  Platypus Australia swimwear is just that - comfortable for the kids and gives great UV protection.

Will had his first trip to the ocean last week.  He spent his days in his Platypus Australia swimsuit to keep his skin protected.

Platypus Australia Swimwear

With his UV swimwear, he was able to put his toes in the ocean for the very first time!

Platypus Australia

The girls, who can be 'selective' with their bathing suits loved their bikinis with rash guards and wanted to wear them again and again on our week long trip.

uv kids swimwear

platypus Australia

uv kids swimwear

platypus swimwear

Platypus Australia runs true to size and can be purchased as a set or mix and match.  Betsy's family just spent a week at her family's lake  and the kids put their Platypus Australia swimwear to good use!

Mia loves the swim shorts and would wear them everyday if she could! This is the perfect suit and shorts for spending the day on both the boat and at the pool!

Shorter board shorts are great for Dylan. These are a perfect fit and the antique car prints, gets a lot of compliments!

What are your kids doing this summer?

Disclosure: We were provided with swimwear for review purposes. Our opinions are honest and our own.