Yesterday the revamped line of historical American Girl dolls launched.  The biggest news?

Samantha is back!  Typing that makes me more excited than I should admit.  As part of the Beforever American Girl collection, Samantha returns along with all new stories, outfits and accessories including an adorable bicycle, new bed and ice cream parlor.

Beforever Samantha DollSamantha's bicycle

samantha's bed

samantha's ice cream parlor

A full line of new outfits and stories for Samantha complete the collection.  But I think young girls will be most excited about the new outfits for them inspired by their historical friends.  Outfits that look like something cool you could find at a store now but definitely coordinate with their favorite doll.  Here are looks inspired by Josefina and Kaya.

josefina inspired outfit

kaya inspired outfit

They are fun and something my girls would love to have in their closets but less costume-y than they were previously.  Another new addition to the Beforever collection are Journey books.  Each character has a Journey that is similar to a choose your own adventure book.  The reader makes choices throughout which means they can read the same book but never read the same story.  My 7.5 year old is loving Caroline's Journey, she's halfway in and tells us all of the plot details.

Thanks to American Girl for sending us Caroline's Journey.  All opinions are honest and our own.