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For moms everywhere, back to school means back to rushing around like a crazy person trying to get everyone where they need to be before a tardy bell rings or a classroom door closes.  It's intense.  There can be yelling, sometimes there are tears.  Sometimes they come from the adults.

By far the biggest battle in the mornings and at night revolves around hair.  Long hair, short hair, dry hair, wet hair, tangled hair.  When I go near my five year old with a brush she covers her head and shrieks, "I have a sensitive scalp!".  It's THAT big of a deal.

But this year things are running smoother.  The girls are using SoCozy Cinch 3-in-1 and Super Hydrating Conditioner at night and the Cinch Detangler Spray in the morning before brushing.

SoCozy children's hair products

This leaves their long, easily tangled hair a breeze to manage.  Plus it smells so good and is made from natural ingredients like rosemary, aloe and arnica flower which are great for the hair and scalp.

To make our morning rush even easier, the girls are selecting hair styles from Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls' Hair.  They get a visual to make their selection which saves more time than I can tell you and I get step by step instructions on how to do the style.

hairstyles for girls

As they grow, so does their individual sense of style.  I want to make sure they leave the house feeling confident and ready to take on the world, or at least 2nd grade/Pre-K.  SoCozy wants kids to know that just being themselves is cool.  We completely agree.  Here are some of the styles the girls have been rocking back to school.


fishtail hairstyle

Ponytail Twist

ponytail twist hairstyle

And Instagram sensation, the French Braid Headband

headband braid tutorial

If you know how to French Braid, the French Braid Headband is a cinch.  You start with a side part and braid across the top of the head.  Secure the end with a rubber band and tuck the braid behind the ear.  To learn how to French Braid and for more detailed directions, check out Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls' Hair.

How do you keep things running smoothly on school days?

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