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Gymboree Play and Music

Will is our last baby - sorry grandparents! - and we are soaking up every moment with him.  And in the back of my mind I'm clicking off the last firsts.  First smile, first laugh, first bite of food, his big sisters claim he has a few first words like 'hi' and 'roar' but I'm not sure those are Baby Book Official.

Will also recently attended his first Gymboree Play and Music class.  Just like his big sisters, he loved every second of it.  Meeting Gymbo the Clown was a big treat.  He snuggled right up to his new friend.

Gymboree Play & Music

Will is just about to be on the move.  He's up on all fours and ready to take on the world.  His Gymboree Play and Learn Level 2 class is the perfect place to explore under parent supervision with lots of padding and matts all around.

gymboree play and music

Will also learned his first physics lesson.  Gravity can be a little frustrating when you're six months old and just want to roll play balls down a slide.

gymboree play and music

But his absolute favorite was his first experience with bubbles and the parachute.  He just ate it up.  The bubbles teased him as they floated through the air.  Will went crazy for the parachute bouncing all around him.

gymboree play and music

gymboree play and music

While Will's first Gymboree class is another first checked off the list, I can't wait to watch him learn and grow each week.  All of the moments between each first are just as sweet.

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