The crisp autumn air rolls in, bringing with it nostalgic images of childhood Halloween events. Costume contests, apple bobbing, placing fake cobwebs just so in the parents, many of us strive to provide the same aura of mystery and excitement that Halloween brought to us. This year, I headed to Savers to provide the full experience for my kids at a price that I could afford. Costumes

My 9 month old is off the charts for height, so the Cinderella costume that I purchased for her weeks ago is already too small. Luckily, Savers has an amazing selection of new and like-new costumes in her (ever-expanding) size. What a bargain- I was able to find dozens of BRAND NEW costumes for under $20! Here is what I selected for her- mainly because I was a witch for my first Halloween:

Savers has an amazing collection of brand new costumes, but you can also get creative and put one together from their gently used items as well! Find a great used costume for a few dollars? Create a character scarecrow! Stuff the costume with straw and add a pumpkin head. You can also create a generic costume using their extensive selection of masks and wigs. Want to be Daphne from Scooby Doo? Grab a red wig, a purple dress and a green scarf! A simple hockey mask could turn you in to Jason from Friday the 13th.


I tend to go for big impact, small investment decorations. I created a front door look for just a few dollars- simply measure and cut different lengths of "Caution" tape and wraparound your door. I added a few purple glitter bats strung at an angle and done!!


Find a lantern or hurricane at Savers? Line with real or fake leaves, add a glass votive wrapped in burlap and place a battery-operated candle inside. This is perfect for indoor or outdoor decor if you don't want to go the scary route. You can also layer two different size hurricanes and fill the space in between with leaves or pine cones.

I purchased large tubs of mums and wrapped them in burlap- a lot easier than transplanting them to other containers, and less expensive as well. Want another idea?Head to Savers and find flannel shirts or blankets- wrap the planters in different color flannel!

Want more ideas? Head to the Savers website where they have a ton of DIY decorating ideas!

Party Ideas

Want to create a photo booth for your Halloween party? Purchase a plastic Wall Backdrop and set up a tripod with a "selfie" remote. Put a few fun items from the Savers prop wall into a bin and let the kids get creative.

For drinks, you can purchase glassware and transform them into a set of creepy cocktailglasses! Simply turn them upside down and drip red glassware paint from the bottom to the rim to look like blood. You could also buy differen t sized plates and candle sticks. Spray paint them if you wish and use E6000 glue to assemble a custom dessert tier!

There are so many Halloween options at Savers, and by purchasing items here, you support local charities and community programs.

How would you use Savers unique selection to amp up your Halloween happenings?
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Savers. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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